LETSHUOER EJ07 hybrid drivers in-ear monitors wired headphones

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LETSHUOER EJ07 was a flagship in-ear monitor from LETSHUOER. It features a Sonion quad electrostatic tweeter, a Letshuoer custom 10mm dynamic driver, and a Knowles dual mid-balanced armature and three-way crossover for an accurate and detailed sound performance. Even now it is a wonderful in-ear headphone to own.

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Musicians in ear monitors crafted with heart and soul

EJO7 is a masterpiece IEM that embodies the spirit of craftsmanship of LetShuoer. It is a well-built musicians in ear monitors and also also recognized as the best audiophile in ear monitors from worldwide fans.

In ear monitors for musicians with core technology inside

As in ear monitors for musicians, LETSHUOER EJ07 is equipped with one 10mm nanocarbon membrane dynamic driver, two Sonion 2389 balanced armature mid-woofer drivers, and four Sonion EST65QB02 electrostatic drivers. The ensemble is orchestrated by a exquisitely tuned three-way crossover for low distortion and awesome treble.

Professional musicians in ear monitors

The EJ07 shell is made from , the same medical resin used for prosthetics or hearing aids in the EU. The trays have been subjected to strong ultraviolet radiation and a longer treatment time to ensure such durability, comfort and lifespan of the device. The thicker housings also provide a more isolating seal in the ear to block up to 26 dB of outside noise.From all aspects, this noise canceling headphones is undoubtedly the best in ear monitors for musicians.

Musicians in ear monitors with White glove service

As ear monitors for musicians, it must be able to fully demonstrate the musician’s personality. Thus we will fulfill all the requirement from worldwide musicians. Would you like to change the faceplate? Would you like a different logo or no logo at all? Love your units so much that you want to close the deal with a CIEM reshell? Pay a small fee and boom. We can also pair it with another cable in our arsenal if you want to tweak the units a bit.

Musicians in ear monitors with optional cable sulotions

The standard cable supplied is a lightweight 6N symmetrical OCC copper cable that is sheathed with a nylon braid for added strength, RF suppression, and minimal miking. If you feel like the upgrade bug has bitten you hard, the standard 0.78mm dual-pin receiver allows for easy cable upgrade from our cable collection.

What’s inside the box?


●Stock cable

●Carrying case

●2.5mm balanced to 3.5mm adapter

●Foam tips * 2 pairs

●Silicone tips * 3 pairs

●Warranty information pamphlet