HIDIZS S3 PRO Portable DAC AMP Adapter Dongle MQA Headphone Amplifier

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Hidizs S3 Pro is a small, portable DAC/AMP that can play high-quality audio files. It has 8X MQA technology and is compatible with Apple Music. It can also output up to 55mW of power. The HIDIZS S3 Pro is equipped with an ES9281C Pro DAC, which is able to decode up to PCM 32bit/384kHz, and DSD 128.

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3.Fully Experience TIDAL Masters/ HiBy Music
4.Panasonic Capacitors
5.Wire Control Earphones with Microphone Support
6.PCM supports up to 32bit/384kHz
7. Native DSD128
8.Sampling Rate Indicator Light
9.Windows, Mac OS, iPad OS, Android, iOS
10.Aluminium Alloy CNC Integrated Molding
11.Quad-Core Cable
Braided of 2×High Purity Silver + 2×OFC Wires
12.Hi-Res Audio Certified


Low power consumption, ultra-low distortion, close to 0 noise and MQA support. PCM supports up to 32Bit/384kHz, DSD128. Enjoy amazing sound quality on your terms.
* Data provided by ESS Technology Incorporated.

8X MQA Support

MQA audio technology is supported by Hidizs S3 Pro portable DAC AMP, able to fully 'unfold' MQA file to deliver outstanding sound quality.
Music services that support MQA should be installed on playback devices (e.g. HiBy Music,TIDAL) to realize 8x unfolding of MQA audio.

Fully Experience TIDAL Masters / HiBy Music

Don't have a dongle capable of unlocking the true potential of TIDAL HiFi membership or HiBy Music? S3 PRO is here for you!
Enjoy millions of master-quality songs across all genres on your playback device like never before! S3 Pro will unlock the full potential of TIDAL audio resources and provide you with the optimal performance you crave!

Pick Your Poison

3 firmwares - 3 tuning styles to choose from.
1. Transparent treble, bright , clean, crisp and detailed.
2. Tonal balance with a pure pleasing sound.
3. More prominent bass with incredible elasticity and a phenomenal depth.

4 Panasonic capacitors added for an enhanced listening experience. The highs are cleaner, warmer and more transparent.

Your Music is Glowing - Sampling Rate Indicator Light

LED indicator lights up in different colors, synchronized with the sampling rate of the currently played track.

LED indicator lights up in different colors, synchronized with the sampling rate of the currently played track. Red:44.1k-48k Blue:88.2k-384k Pink:MQA

*For iOS users, the Lightning OTG cable has to be purchased separately.

Ultra Portable! - only 0.79 inches (20 mm) in diameter and 3.54 inches (90 mm) in length. About the size of a US penny - a tiny coin.
S3 Pro stands out from the rest due to its minimalism, high performance and take-anywhere durability.

Support Wire Control Earphones with a Microphone

Convenient enough for practical use! - Looking for a DAC dongle that not only supports wire control of playback/pause and volume functions, but also supports phone calls, without having to pull it out from your mobile phone when a call comes in? Then, S3 PRO is your top pick, obviously.

Outstanding Cable

Mixed Braiding of 2 core high purity silver + 2 core OFC wires (60 strands each). Silver wires make for a brighter and cleaner sound quality. OFC wires add smoother and gentler performance.

Hi-Res Audio certification is a design proposed and defined by Sony. It is recognized by JAS (Japanese Audio Association) and CEA (Consumer Electronics Association), as it requires audio devices to be able to handle digital resolutions in excess of 24-bit/96kHz, for exquisite music quality and original sound reproduction.


+HIDIZS S3 PRO has low power consumption, low distortion, and near-zero noise. This portable digital to analog converter can play music at up to 32bit/384khz and DSD128. HIDIZS S3 PRO also has 4 Panasonic capacitors which add to the listening experience.

+MQA audio technology is supported by a portable DAC amp, which is able to fully unfold MQA files to deliver superior sound quality. Music services that support MQA should be installed on playback devices (like HiBy Music or TIDAL) to take full advantage of MQA's 8x unfolding.

+HIDIZS S3 Pro is a tiny, coin-sized dongle for headphones that is made of high-quality silver and OFC (oxygen-free copper) wires. HIDIZS S3 PRO has a bright, clear sound and is perfect for taking anywhere you go. The silver wires make for a brighter sound, while the OFC wires add a smoother, gentler sound.

+If you're looking for a dongle for headphones that can also control playback and volume functions on your digital audio player, as well as take phone calls, the S3 PRO is a great option.

+The LED indicator lights up in different colors, depending on the sampling rate of the currently playing track. Red lights up at 44.1kHz-48kHz, blue at 88.2kHz-384kHz, and pink at MQA. HIDIZS S3 Pro is designed to work with Windows (Windows 7 and earlier versions are not supported), Android, macOS, iPadOS and iOS (you will need to purchase a Lightning OTG cable separately).