LETSHUOER D13-Custom 13mm DLC diaphragm dynamic driver in ear earphone

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LETSHUOER D13 is a new dynamic driver headphones designed and manufactured by LETSHUOER. It has a custom 13mm DLC diaphragm dynamic driver which is the new R&D fulfillment from their team. This innovative dynamic driver in-ear headphones is perfect for audiophiles and music lovers.

Color: Black


Termination: 3.5mm

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LETSHUOER D13 inovative dynamic driver in-ear headphones

After the great sucess of LETSHUOER S12, Letshuoer announced a new budget-friendly in-ear headphones, the LETSHUOER D13. This earphone features a custom 13mm larger than average Dynamic Driver. This dynamic driver has a diamond-like carbon diaphragm and a powerful N52 magnetic. It also comes with two tuning filters to change the sound according to your preference.

Double funs with LETSHUOER D13

LETSHUOER D13 is a fun dynamic driver in-ear headphones. It comes with two different sets of filters which brings two different terble presentations. It will be fun for your music listening.

Features of LETSHUOER D13

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Custom 13mm large diameter dynamic driver

LETSHUOER D13 is an in-ear headphones with a smooth, sound profile because it has a large diaphragm and strong magnets. It has a tight bass, clear mids, and sparkling highs, without causing fatigue. LETSHUOER D13 is a new dynamic driver headphones development project by LETSHUEOR team, and it's very popular among audiophiles.

Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) diaphragm Dynamic Driver

This dynamic driver has a high strength to weight ratio, which means it eliminates unwanted distortions while being lightweight. This makes it very fast to respond to changes in your music.

More Features of LETSHUOER D13

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LETSHUOER D13 has Three vent holes.

The scientific vent holes design can help to reduce the negative pressure in your ears, which can help to improve long-term listening fatigue.

Hand-crafted 4-core 216-strands monocrystalline copper

The LETSHUOER D13 cable is designed with music lovers in mind, providing clear sound with low interference. This makes it perfect for enjoying music from a wide range of genres.

Sturdy Alluminium alloy chasis

5-axis CNC Aluminum milling ensures LETSHUOER D13 is more durable for daily use.

Real comfort with LETSHUOER D13

The ergonomic chassis design plus the three types of ear tips brings more choices for better listening comfort and experience.