TempoTec Sonata HD V MQA TIDAL Headphone Amplifier 2* ES9219 USB Dongle Type C To 3.5MM DAC&AMP DSD256 For Android&iOS&MacOS&WIN

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TempoTec Sonata HD V MQA TIDAL USB Dongle Type C To 3.5MM Headphone Amplifier Dual ES9219 DAC& DSD256 For Android&MacOS&WIN Product name: Sonata HD V (iOS version) Packing Included 1* Sonata HD V (iOS version)1* Adapter(female type-c to male USB-A)1* OTG cable(micro-usb to type-c )1* cable(micro-usb to lightening ) Working...

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TempoTec Sonata HD V MQA TIDAL USB Dongle Type C To 3.5MM Headphone Amplifier Dual ES9219 DAC& DSD256 For Android&MacOS&WIN

Product name: Sonata HD V (iOS version)

Packing Included

1* Sonata HD V (iOS version)
1* Adapter(female type-c to male USB-A)
1* OTG cable(micro-usb to type-c )
1* cable(micro-usb to lightening )

Working Status indicator

Red: connect
Green: PCM
Blue: DSD
Purple: MQA

Please Note:

Sonata HD V cannot directly listen to MQA songs on the Tidal app, because the TIDAL app on Android mobile devices uses the universal driver on the mobile phone and cannot directly recognize MQA songs, and the output is ordinary PCM songs.

You can use music APPs that support MQA. Such as HiByMusic app, with built-in TIDAL and a dedicated driver, which can directly identify MAQ songs.

Or a player that supports MQA.

【Volume control】

1. Please download Hiby music APP, which has "TIDAL" account login point;

2. turn "Settings-> Exclusive HQ USB audio access" on;

3. select "Settings-> USB output setting->Lock USB Audio Vol->Unlocked volume" ;

4.select "Settings-> Volume mode->Hardware Volume" .

now you can control volume when you playing MQA music in through Hiby music app.

This video shows how to set Hiby music App to support Volume control of Sonata HD V.

1. Let's see what others say about the Sonata HD V?

Tempotec has pioneered and continues to set the benchmark for dongle devices. It has taken an ESS9219 Dual DAC SoC and dressed it up in a small and perhaps the most elegant body in the series. The good results are not long in coming, as the solution delivers sound that can be found at higher price points. Technically, the Sonata HD V is very competent, precise, highly resolving, high-definition and high-resolution. The large dynamic range is evident and the sound is very clean, clear, open and airy. At the same time, Sabre has matured its sound away from being simple, analytical and cold. In my opinion, the analytical aspect is preserved, but with a more balanced, less exalted and better implemented development.
On the other hand, the output is single 3.5mm, although with a remarkable power, a micro USB socket is still used and there is no volume control. After so many models, one misses a more ambitious solution in terms of controls (volume, gain, bass boost) and audio outputs (SE 3.5mm + BAL 4.4mm). The best thing is that Tempotec can surely do it.

2. Let's see what others say about the Sonata HD V?

I hope it is evident I adore the TEMPOTEC HD V, and this is from somebody that have intensely high expectation for this dongle, since I still use and praise the old HD PRO. The fact Tempotec choose a different DAC company is very refreshing too, since it’s a more different flavor than upgrading to BHD or E44 which use dual CS43131 DAC instead of single one find in HD PRO.
At 60$, the HD V is extremely competitive both in performance and musicality, as well as quality built and versatility of connection. The fact you can change the cable promise longer durability too than dongle with built in cable.

If you search for a dongle with decent power output, lush yet technicaly impressive sound and MQA compatibility, the Tempotec HD V should be in your priority list. For more power and sens of openess and crispness, the E44 should be on your list too.

Highly recommended!

What is different with Sonata HD V (iOS version) and Sonata HD V (Android version)?

iOS version can support iOS, Android and PC. But Android version can not support iOS

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