TempoTec Sonata E44 Headphone Amplifier Dual CS43131 USB Type C To 4.4MM Balance DAC AMP DSD256(Native) For Android Phone PC MAC

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TempoTec Sonata E44 Headphone Amplifier Dual CS43131 USB Type C To 4.4MM Balance DAC& DSD256(Native) For Android Phone&PC MAC Packing Included:1* Sonata E441* Adapter(female type-c to male USB-A)1* Hi-Res logo sticker In addition, give a gift: 1* 4.4mm Male Balanced to 3.5 mm Female cable 1. Let's see what others...

color: Sonata E44

Sonata E44
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TempoTec Sonata E44 Headphone Amplifier Dual CS43131 USB Type C To 4.4MM Balance DAC& DSD256(Native) For Android Phone&PC MAC

Packing Included:
1* Sonata E44
1* Adapter(female type-c to male USB-A)
1* Hi-Res logo sticker

In addition, give a gift:

1* 4.4mm Male Balanced to 3.5 mm Female cable

1. Let's see what others say about the Sonata E44 ?

The E44 have an atypical design, firstly its cabled in both way, and the 4.4mm plug is near as big as dongle body. This body is made of metal and glass and is very thin. It have a volume control button. The cable material seem to be 6 cores silver plated and feel quite sturdy. To go back at this big 4.4mm plug, it’s heavier than the dongle itself too. The goal of this design is to make dongle more flexible, acting like a prolongation of earphones cable.

(main IEM used: Final A8000, Moondrop Aria, UM Mext)

I would call the slight tonality push as gently bright neutral to well rounded W shape. It’s energic and fowards presentation, yet, holographic and not harsh or agressive nor grainy or spiky. Hint of mid bass extra punch authorit, hint of extra upper mids bite and mid+upper treble snap. The balance feel natural, not forced, yet the dynamic is lively and engaging.

Since it’s not lean and cold sounding but feel it have hint of W shape dynamic heft to overall tonal balance, I can’t consider the E44 plain neutral. It’s injected with lush musicality, yet have a vivid clean and detailed rendering. Nothing feel distant with the E44, you have an holographic perception of fowards bass, mids and treble, all in their presence and body. Well rounded and full bodied tonality that sit between mature analytical and lush musical. Crisp L shape come to mind due to beefy low end. A unique yet cohesive mix of warm bass impact, bright clear mids and highly detailed treble without the CS43131 extra air spike we can expect from this DAC.

The E44 tend to add a bit of texture and punch to the mid bass, which is very notable with the Moondrop Aria, but what it do to this IEM is taming a bit the sub bass resonance and rumble, keeping it’s presence cleaner, more texture and tactile than physical. Yet kick drum sound more rounded with magnify layering, in the sens sub bass and kick doesn’t mix togheter but sit on each other in a neutral way. Don’t get me wrong, we never feel lacking sub bass, it just become less loose and more controlled with the E44, and the slam become tighter, rounder, less bleedy too.

When it come to mids, transition is smooth and dynamic have weight. Definition is detailed and clean, yet not edgy or clinical. It’s not the widest in presence, it centered and well sculpted in instrument singularity. Transparency is good but texture do make timbre a bit opaque. Timbre is quite dense tough, not thin like lot of other CS43131 dongle i try. Between lush and bright. Free of sibilance boost.

The treble is superb, even if it trade some sparkle and air to achieve this impressive timbral balance that feel so natural yet near analytical in it’s richness. Percussions have this 3D feel to them, in the sens it’s fully extract, not half done with faked sharpness or over boosted brilliance. You have full image of sound reconstitution here. And alot of micro-details to discover too. About brilliance and sparkle, it just don’t boost it, but will not tame it if your IEM produce some. Fact is that everything is organically balanced, yet with sharp but not spike definition.

The spatiality is a bit stretched in wideness-tallness and doesn’t blur deepness, so it tend to feel more holographic and fully presented in a 180 degree, not just stereo since center stage is perceive too.

Imaging is very impressive and better than the excellent Xduoo Link2 Bal in that regard since it’s cleaner in layering. You have both good separation of wide sound layers and pin point perception of static instrument, it’s precise without feeling forced or analytical and you can dig trough sound layers transparency even if their are richly textured.

Even if it’s more than 6 months old, the E44 still is a very competitive dongle that stand it’s ground in the overwhelming dongles offering of today portable audio.
Tempotec implementation of dual CS43131 DAC is excellent here, delivering a natural cohesive tonality that is highly resolved yet highly musical too.
With it’s high power output, black noise floor, above average technical performance and affordable price, the E44 offer high sound value that is versatile in both power and tonality.

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