Kinera URD 2 Sonion EST+ 2 DD+1 BA Hybrid Driver In Ear Earphone IEMS

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Experience Kinera URD - an artistic in-ear earphone with cutting-edge sound. 2 Sonion EST+ 2 DD+1 BA Hybrid Driver, 3D printed faceplate, advanced sound system, and high-purity OCC cable with special shielding structure. Discover a new dimension of sound.

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Kinera URD 2 Sonion EST+ 2 DD+1 BA Hybrid Driver In Ear Monitor

Introducing the Kinera URD In-Ear Earphone - a masterpiece of sound engineering and design.

2 Sonion EST+ 2 DD+1 BA Hybrid Driver

The Kinera URD earphone boasts a cutting-edge sound system, featuring the Sonion EST65DB01 composite dual electrostatic unit for the high frequency and the Kinera custom 11021 balanced armature unit for the mid-range, delivering sweet female voices and strong magnetic male voices. The 8mm titanium crystal diaphragm coaxial double dynamic driver brings deep diving and fast transient response for the low frequency.

High Quality 6N OCC + OCC With Silver Plated + OCC With Gold Plated Cable

The high-purity OCC cable has a unique shielding structure, ensuring stable impedance and high sound signal transmission efficiency. The outer winding features a mix of OCC with gold plated and silver plated material, effectively restoring sound details and enhancing high-frequency ductility.

Exiquite 3D Faceplate

The faceplate of the Kinera URD In-Ear Earphone is a work of art - 3D printed with a depression in the middle that gradually rises to the edge of the faceplate, creating the impression of the "Well of Urd" that nourishes the World Tree. It's a reflection of the past and present, where exploring deeper will reveal rich layers and connotations.

Experience a new dimension of sound with the Kinera URD in-ear monitor. Reject the abruptness and let the coordination fill the vocal music world.