KINERA IDUN 2.0 2BA+1DD Hybrid Driver In-Ear Earphones HiFi IEMs

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Introducing Kinera IDUN 2.0 in ear earphones, the upgraded version of their classic Kinera IDUN triple driver hybrid in-ear monitors. Featuring hand-painted ear shells, this model boasts a custom-developed 7mm titanium-plated dome dynamic driver and two balanced armature drivers (from Knowles and Kinera).

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KINERA IDUN 2.0 2BA+1DD Hybrid Driver HIFI In-Ear Earphones

2BA+1DD Hybrid Driver In Ear Monitor

Introducing the KINERA IDUN 2.0, a state-of-the-art in-ear earphone that boasts a 2BA+1DD hybrid driver, delivering an exceptional sound quality experience that is both rich and detailed. The IDUN 2.0 IEM utilizes a 7mm Titanium plated dome PU composite high polyfiber suspension diaphragm dynamic unit, a Knowles armature and a customized BTC-30095 balanced armature, which work together to produce an outstanding frequency response range with high frequency ductility and separation. Thanks to its complex dynamic structure setting, IDUN 2.0 earphone achieves a perfect connection between low and high frequency, resulting in an even distribution of sound energy.


Detachable High-Quality OFC Silver Plated Cable

The IDUN 2.0 headphone also boasts a high-quality OFC with silver plated+OFC mixed cable, and its unique feature of a detachable plug allows for either balanced or normal stereo sound output. Also, a 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter is included for further upgrading.



The IDUN 2.0 in ear earphone also features a standard 3-way crossover design, which accurately transmits the sound signal to each unit, effectively avoiding distortion and ensuring a smooth three-frequency connection. This, along with the high standard PVC acoustic tube, allows the sounds from the 3 units to be cleverly blended together through two acoustic tubes, achieving low sound distortion and tight energy distribution.


Exquisite Artistic Faceplate

The IDUN 2.0 in ear monitor is not only an exceptional piece of audio equipment, but it also features an artistic faceplate that will leave you in awe. Drawing inspiration from the mythology of IDUN, the blue and gold glit powder is applied to the cavity, giving it a stunning and magical appearance. The texture of glit powder gives people a feeling of youth magic, and the tree that rises from the faceplate, with its roots as the Kinera logo, symbolizes Kinera's re-creation. At the core of the tree, there is an Opal gem with changing luster, which adds to its beauty.


Ergonomics design

Additionally, the IDUN 2.0 IEM has an ergonomic design that is more in line with the Asian auricle, thanks to the collection of real human auricle model data. The sound nozzle diameter of approximately 5.9mm fits most eartips on the market and is comfortable for ear canal. Each earbud weighs only about 3.9g, making it lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods.


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