Kinera Hodur Earphone 1DD + 1BA +1 EST Driver In-Ear Monitors HIFi IEM

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Kinera Celest Pandamon, in-ear monitors equipped with a 10mm Kinera SPD (Square Planar Driver). The Pandamon earphones features stunning 304L stainless steel faceplates and lightweight, comfortable Resin ear cavities. Tuned for an energetic and lively sound, this pair is a perfect combination of beauty and performance.

Color: Black


Kinera Hodur Earphone 1DD + 1BA +1 EST Drivers In-Ear Monitors

Tuning Concept  

With Kinera Hodur's unique acoustic structure, all drivers are optimized to produce a rich and layered sound that brings out the details of every frequency. Tuned with the idea of "perceiving the darkness," the Kinera Hodur Earphone offers a relaxed atmosphere and full sound stage, allowing listeners to feel the surging undercurrent of music.


1DD + 1BA+1 EST Tribrid Drivers

Enjoy music without limits with the Kinera Hodur In Ear Earphone's powerful high-frequency performance and low power consumption. Equipped with a self-developed high sensitivity, low power EST and 10mm coaxial dual-magnetic Tesla composite diaphragm dynamic integrated unit, the Hodur Earphone breaks tradition and requires no high-thrust front-end device. Its low impedance of 8Ω and 106db sensitivity even allows for enjoyable sound from a mobile phone with a decoder.


Aviation Aluminum Alloy Exquisite Shell

Crafted with aviation aluminum alloy and CNC 5-axis fine carving technology, the Kinera Hodur Earphone's shell is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and vibration-free, effectively maximizing its acoustic performance. Colored by an aluminum alloy anodizing process, it is both durable and wear-resistant.


Modular 8 cores OCC Silver-Plated Cable

The modular 8 cores OCC with silver-plated cable ensures high sound signal transmission efficiency and stable impedance, preserving the details of sound signals in every frequency band. The cable's high-permeability and soft PVC outer cover protect it and reduce the stethoscope effect.

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