Kinera Celest Pandamon 10mm Square Planar Driver in-Ear Earphone IEMs

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Kinera Celest Pandamon, in-ear monitors equipped with a 10mm Kinera SPD (Square Planar Driver). The Pandamon earphones features stunning 304L stainless steel faceplates and lightweight, comfortable Resin ear cavities. Tuned for an energetic and lively sound, this pair is a perfect combination of beauty and performance.

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Kinera Celest Pandamon
10mm Square Planar Driver In-Ear Earphone IEMs

Kinera 10mm SPD 2.0 ™ ( Square Planar Driver )

The Celest Pandamon in-ear monitor features an enhanced Kinera 10mm SPD 2.0™ (Square Planar Driver), which provides improved overall frequency sensitivity and is self-sufficient to deliver a complete listening experience without any frequency interferences or unwanted acoustic effects. The SPD 2.0™ driver also has a rich texture and relaxed tonality, making it perfect for commuting or unwinding after a long day's work.

Kinera Unique Shell Design

The Kinera Celest Pandamon in-ear earphone has a newly designed shell with a circular hollow faceplate that incorporates a unique sense of mechanical aesthetics. The 3D cavity of pressed texture and resin material is visually striking, and the finely selected 304 stainless steel faceplate is engraved, nickel electroplated, and UV colored to achieve a balanced and natural color tone. The Pandamon logo on the faceplate symbolizes a fusion of mechanical rhythm and the ferocious Pandamon, represented by its metal crushing teeth and flaming eyes.


Professional Tuning

The tuning concept of the Kinera Celest Pandamon earphone focuses on excellent bass performance with immense texture and transient response, while also providing long listening comfortability. Vocals are kept at an optimal distance with enriching thickness and a velvety treble range, and the tuning is finished with good control over sibilance. Overall, the Celest Pandamon in ear earphone has a warm and roomy tonality, thanks to its pyramid-shaped frequency distribution and the SPD 2.0™ driver.


What’s In The Box


  • Celest 221 Vocal Eartips ( Black ) : Enhance treble, pleasing vocal
  • Celest 608 Balanced Eartips ( Red x Black ) : Sound balanced and stereo

Package Contents 

  1. One pair of Celest Pandamon In-ear monitors.
  2. One 3.5mm Oxygen Free Copper Cable.
  3. Six pairs ( 221 & 608 ) of Celest Custom ear tips.
  4. Metal bookmark.
  5. Storage Bag.
  6. Clean Brush.
  7. User Manual.

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