Kinera Celest Gumiho 1Planar+1BA Hybrid Driver In-Ear Monitor Earphone

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Introducing the Celest Gumiho, a hybrid driver in-ear monitor that boasts a custom-designed balanced armature driver and a newly-developed Square Planar Magnetic Driver on each side. The ear cavities are ergonomically designed using 3D printing technology to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable listening experience.

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Kinera Celest Gumiho
1 Planar+1 BA Hybrid Driver In-Ear Monitor

3D Printed Ergonomic Shell

The Kinera Celest Gumiho Hybrid Driver In-Ear Monitor is a high-quality earphone designed with a unique and fashionable Chinese style. The design inspiration comes from the nine-tailed fox in the “Classic of Mountains and Seas”, featuring a 3D printed shell cavity with finely engraved cloud patterns that depict a lifelike scene of Gumiho stepping on the clouds and riding the wind. The Celest Gumiho earphone is designed to be simple and luxurious, with smooth contour lines and a frosted process that demonstrates the rigor of ingenuity.


Kinera 10mm SPD ™ ( Square Planar Driver )+Custom BA Driver

The Celest Gumiho in ear earphone adopts Kinera's new generation of 10*10mm Square Planar Driver for bass, which breaks through the low-frequency limit of dynamic driver and maintains a sense of depth and volume in the low frequency with an excellent transient response. It also features Kinera Custom BA Driver for high frequency, producing a delicate and elegant sound that is comfortable and durable, and a natural and harmonious combination with the middle and low frequency.


Professional Tuning

Celest Gumiho IEM has a shocking low frequency performance, providing a speaker-like loose and natural sound with texture, volume, and transient response. The mid-range vocals are clear and detailed, while a tuned ultra-high frequency unit specially matched with the mid-low frequency driver strengthens its extension, maintaining harmony and consistency of the sound and bringing a bright, pleasant, and elegant treble.


Unique Packaging 

The Celest Gumiho earphone is packaged with a fashionable Chinese style, incorporating elements such as totem auspicious clouds and ginkgo leaves to tell the story of Gumiho. Overall, the Kinera Celest Gumiho Hybrid Driver In-Ear Monitor is a unique and high-quality earphone that combines classic Chinese aesthetics with modern trends.

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