Hidizs Mermaid MM2 1DD+1BM Hybrid Driver In-Ear Monitor Earphone

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Hidizs Mermaid MM2 1 Magneto-static Balanced Membrane & 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid HiFi In-ear Monitors 6mm low-voltage magneto-static BM driver10.2mm PEK macromolecule polymer diaphragm dynamic driverLozenge-cut aluminium alloy faceplate3 × Tuning valve (treble, balance, bass)Eco-friendly resin bodyMix braided quad-core high purity silver & OFCStandard 0.78mm 2 pin designHi-Res Audio certified...

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Hidizs Mermaid MM2

1 Magneto-static Balanced Membrane & 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid HiFi In-ear Monitors

6mm low-voltage magneto-static BM driver
10.2mm PEK macromolecule polymer diaphragm dynamic driver
Lozenge-cut aluminium alloy faceplate
3 × Tuning valve (treble, balance, bass)
Eco-friendly resin body
Mix braided quad-core high purity silver & OFC
Standard 0.78mm 2 pin design
Hi-Res Audio certified

6mm Low-voltage Magneto-static BM Driver

MM2 adopts a 6mm magneto-static BM (Balanced Membrane) driver customized by HIDIZS and Korea BSE, with an extremely thin and light micron-level diaphragm, which shines in transient responses to high frequencies - fast, crisp, smooth, detailed, and retains excellent layering.
Easily drive ultra-high frequencies with no need to increase voltage, low distortion, with seriously excellent resolution and extensibility.
The BM driver has an awesome overall balanced driving ability, powerful enough to control the minimum point of the diaphragm, so that different frequency bands can perform better. The original sound can be restored more harmoniously, accurately, and with rich details.

Ultra-light and ultra-thin micron-level diaphragm
Drive with ease, no need to increase voltage
Better control for minimum point of the diaphragm to reflect far better detail

Overall Enhancement In The Mid-bass Range

Hidizs PEK macromolecule polymer diaphragm+ 10.2mm dynamic driver handles bass and mids. The bass digs deeper with excellent speed, a tight response, and is punchier. The mids are smooth, detailed, and have a more U-shaped character. Vocals are sweet and instruments sound natural.
Large soundstage, outstanding imaging capabilities, excellent layering throughout, with great presence - MM2, a pair of IEMs you'll never regret having.

N52 neodymium magnet
CCAW voice coil
PEK diaphragm + dome

3 Tuning Valves for 3 Different Audio Experiences

Get one tuning style only from a pair of earphones?
NOT the Hidizs MM2. You get 1+3 audio experiences here. Coming with three detachable tuning valves for Balanced, Treble, and Bass. The earphone body is specially designed with an audio hole. By changing the valves, different sound styles can be converted, bringing you more incredible sound performances, which greatly enriches the playability of MM2.

Rose gold - Balanced
Dark red - Bass
Silver gray - Treble

Eco-friendly Resin Body & Lozenge-cut Faceplate

Eco-friendly resin with custom style for longer, more comfortable wear. The faceplate is cut in a  lozenge shape, demonstrating the charm of three-dimensional geometry. MM2 IEMs look like an exquisite black diamond, with a detachable audio hole on the middle, for an elegant and chic look. 

Beautiful Sound will Find Its Way

High-quality cables are the essential part of professional HiFi earphones. Hidizs MM2 comes with high-purity oxygen-free copper (OFC) and high-purity silver wire, twisted from 60 strands, respectively. Silver wires for a crisp and clean sound. Copper wires for soft and smooth audio performance. Both contribute to the improvement of your listening experience.

Standard 0.78mm 2-pin Design

In addition to the different sound styles brought by the 3 detachable tuning valves, MM2 retains a standard 0.78mm 2pin design to allow for the use of cables with the same specifications, either to further upgrade the sound or experience more listening experiences created by different cables. The cable sockets were upgraded to gold-plated materials to ensure more stable audio signals transmission.

Comes With A Stylish Custom Leather Carrying Case

Designed for Hidizs MM2 HiFi in-ear monitors only. Eco-friendly and stain-resistant Napa leather case comes with full drop protection coverage. 6 zinc alloy double buckles are used for support. This clamshell protective case is perfectly sized to accommodate your Hidizs MM2.

Hi-Res certification

Hi-Res Audio(HRA), is a standard for high-quality audio products formulated by JAS and CEA, currently recognized and supported by premium devices, as well as audio connoisseurs far and wide.

Packaging & Accessories

Custom leather case
Detachable aluminum alloy tuning valves storage board
3 × silicone eartips: crisp, balanced, bass