HiBy FC6 Mini Portable MP3 Music Player

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HiBy R2 II is a 2nd generation MP3 music player with ES9219C equipped DAP. Hiby R2 Gen 2 comes with up to native DSD256 support and streaming capability. HiBy R2 II is an excellent Portable Digital Audio Player with nice sound and a lot of cool things it can do for such an affordable price.

Color: Black


The HiBy R2 II is an updated version of the classic music player Hiby R2. It has new technology that allows it to play high-quality music and connect to the internet. You can hold it in your hand and it works with most headphones. You can use it while exercising or at home.


Features of Hiby R2  II Gen 2

  1. HiBy R2 II is a tiny device that you can easily hold in one hand. It's a portable and musical MP3 music players

  1. HiBy R2 II has a high fidelity chip inside it that makes music sound really good. It can play really high quality songs that sound better than regular music.

  1. HiBy R2 II can play all kinds of music formats like MP3, WAV, APE, and many more so you can listen to all your favorite songs.

  1. HiBy R2 II music player may be small, but it can produce amazing sound like what you hear in a studio. It has a special feature that makes your music sound even better if it was recorded using a special technology called MQA.

  1. HiBy R2 II has HIBY PureAudio OS that makes music sound really good. The program was made with the goal of making high-quality music sound even better. It can do lots of different things to make music sound great.

  1. Hiby R2 II has a cool feature that lets you listen to music without wires. You can use apps like Internet radio, Tidal, and Qobuz to play your favorite songs. Just connect the Hiby R2 II to the internet and sign in to your accounts. You can also update it wirelessly and transfer music without plugging anything in. Plus, it works with Airplay and DLNA too!

  1. You can use your smartphone to control the music on your Hiby R2 II. The HiByLink feature lets you change the song, turn the volume up or down, and organize your playlists. You just need to download the HiBy Music app on your phone.

  1. HiBy R2 II music player has a really good battery that can last for up to 15 hours of music playing without needing to be charged. It can also stay on standby for up to 20 days without being used.