Divoom TimeBox Evo | Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker with LED Display APP Control Animation Frame Gaming Room Setup & Alarm Clock-BLACK

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Divoom Timebox-Evo is the most modern pixel art speaker from Divoom. With a 16x16 LED front panel and a rearward 6w Bluetooth speaker, it delivers a sensational audio and visual experience. Powered by a 6W DSP tuned speaker, Timebox-Evo delivers an impressive audio experience with the enhanced bass note.

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Introducing the Divoom TimeBox Evo

Timebox-Evo evolves from the legendary Timebox series.
It also has the signature square design with the front LED panel and rearward speaker. The LED panel is controlled via our mobile APP, which transforms Timebox-Evo into a pixel art LED smart speaker. With a 16x16 LED front panel and a rearward 6w Bluetooth speaker, it delivers a sensational audio and visual experience.


Divoom TimeBox Evo LED Smart Bluetooth Speaker

The Timebox Evo is a great gift for friends or for yourself – its fully customizable 16x16 RGB LED pixel display and powerful bluetooth speaker are perfect additions to any desk or bedside table. This pixel art Bluetooth speaker includes incredible funcionalities such as Cool Animation Frame, Gaming Room Setup. Plus, with its built-in alarm clock and APP control, it can also be used as a bedside alarm clock.

Why Divoom Timebox-Evo

DSP Tuned Audio & Modern Design & Alarm Clock & DIY Pixel Art Creation

Divoom TimeBox Evo Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker LED Display APP Control-X013

Professionally Tuned Audio

6W DSP Digital Amplified Speaker
Acoustic Tuned Built-in Bass Port
App-enable Internet Radio Stations
Advance Bluetooth Connectivity

Cool Pixel Display Device

Customiasble - The LED display is fully customisable which you can have a lot of fun with or simply choose from LOTS of pre-made or new ones (These can be still or animated too. You can even scroll some text across LEDs)

Option - There are many options for the LED display that you can choose to use or disable by choice - for example it can switch between displaying the time, the temperature, date etc or just simply just the time.Show your personality, create a atmosphere.


Smart Pixel Clock

Timebox-Evo is more than just a desktop gadget - it's also a great bedside companion that provides both alarm and sleep-aid functions to help you relax and wake up energized in the morning.

With customizable alarm settings and sleep-aid features that are calibrated to your specific needs, Timebox-Evo is easy to use and perfect for anyone looking for a convenient way to relax and get a good night's sleep.

Perfect Desk Setup

If you're looking for a small, elegant smart timepiece, look no further than Timebox-Evo.
It's perfect for any bedside table, desk setup, or window decoration.

Divoom-TimeBox-Evo-Pixel-Art-Bluetooth-Speaker-LED-Display-APP-Control-X4 Divoom-TimeBox-Evo-Pixel-Art-Bluetooth-Speaker-LED-Display-APP-Control-X4
Divoom-TimeBox-Evo-Pixel-Art-Bluetooth-Speaker-LED-Display-APP-Control-X5 Divoom-TimeBox-Evo-Pixel-Art-Bluetooth-Speaker-LED-Display-APP-Control-X5
Divoom-TimeBox-Evo-Pixel-Art-Bluetooth-Speaker-LED-Display-APP-Control-X6 Divoom-TimeBox-Evo-Pixel-Art-Bluetooth-Speaker-LED-Display-APP-Control-X6