Divoom Pixoo | Pixel Art Digital Picture Frame with 16x16 LED Display APP Control

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The Divoom Pixoo Pixel Display is a fun and useful piece of technology. You can use the Pixoo as a smart wall clock, able to display the weather and temperature, use it as a lamp or music visualizer, but far and away the most fun is using it display Pixel Art.

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Divoom Pixoo DIY Pixel Art LED Display Frame

Introducing Divoom Pixoo—the perfect Pixel Art Digital Frame. The Divoom Pixoo is a fun and versatile piece of technology that can be used for a variety of purposes, like displaying the weather and temperature, functioning as a lamp, or visualizing music. But the best part is using it to display Pixel Art, which you can create yourself using the Divoom app or download from some of the world's best Pixel artists.


New Home Lifestyle

Divoom is the latest technology provider to revolutionize how we use technology in our everyday lives. We not only provide the best home technology, but also provide innovative new ideas that change the way we live our lifestyles. With Divoom Pixoo, you can be sure that you're getting the best possible experience. Join us and be part of the Pixel Display Tech Revolution today! Desktop Companion

Pixoo is the best desktop companion.

- Daily Activity Calendar

- Music Visualizer

- SNS Notification

- Customizable alarm

- Sleep aid with tuned lights

- Multiple clock designs


Cool Gaming Decor

You can choose the characters you love to decorate your game room, and we have the perfect gaming gadget for you! There are many artists' pixel paintings available on the app. For non-gamers, there are a lot of options too, from calming sunsets, to relaxing falling cherry-blossoms.


Create Pixel Art

This led display sign is an excellent way to exercise creativity. With the Divoom app, you can create your own image, animation, and scrolling text message, all with a huge variety of options. Creating pixel art is easy, and sharing your creation is even easier. Pixoo is a masterpiece to display your masterworks.

- Multiple Drawing Tools

- Customizable text editor

- Photo/GIF/MP4 conversion to pixel art

HIDIZS AP80 PRO-X portable music players + LETSHUOER S12 planar in-ear headphones-MB1 Divoom-Pixoo-Pixel-Art-Digital-Picture-7Frame-with-16x16-LED-Display-APP-Control-X6
Divoom-Pixoo-Pixel-Art-Digital-Picture-7Frame-with-16x16-LED-Display-APP-Control-X7 Divoom-Pixoo-Pixel-Art-Digital-Picture-7Frame-with-16x16-LED-Display-APP-Control-X7
Divoom-Pixoo-Pixel-Art-Digital-Picture-7Frame-with-16x16-LED-Display-APP-Control-X8 Divoom-Pixoo-Pixel-Art-Digital-Picture-7Frame-with-16x16-LED-Display-APP-Control-X8