BQEYZ Winter Earphone Dynamic Driver PZT Bone Conduction In Ear Monitor

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The BQEYZ Winter earphone is the latest addition to BQEYZ's lineup, following the success of their Spring, Summer, and Autumn models. With a dual-driver arrangement featuring a customized 12mm dynamic driver and an 11.6mm PZT Bone-Conduction Driver on each side, the BQEYZ Winter IEM offers improved instrument separation, soundstage, clarity, and resolution. The pair also features CNC-machined aluminum alloy ear shells, giving it a premium and ergonomic touch. Experience unparalleled audio quality with the BQEYZ Winter In-Ear Monitors.

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BQEYZ Winter HiFi Dynamic Driver & PZT Bone Conduction Hybrid In Ear Earphone

Experience High-Quality Audio with BQEYZ Winter In-Ear Monitors

Air-Conduction and Bone-Conduction drivers:

BQEYZ Winter In-Ear Monitors feature a unique combination of Air-Conduction and Bone-Conduction drivers. The Air-Conduction driver is a 12mm custom dynamic driver unit, while the Bone-Conduction driver is an 11.6mm PZT BCD driver. This unique combination results in excellent sound quality with rich tonality, exceptional separation, and great resolution.

Exceptional High-Frequency Performance with Bone-Conduction Driver:

BQEYZ Winter earphone uses a high-performance bone-conduction driver unit for an enhanced high-frequency response. The result is a refined, detailed, and controlled sound with no sibilance or harshness, even at loud volume levels.

Professional BQEYZ Tuning:

BQEYZ auido has years of experience in tuning HiFi in-ear monitors, and Winter has been tuned to deliver rich, premium sound with ultimate details and a powerful, lively sound signature. The BQEYZ Winter IEM is the fourth season in BQEYZ's lineup, following the Spring 1/2, Summer, and Autumn models.

Two-Way Frequency Crossover&CNC Aluminum Shells

BQEYZ Winter in ear earphone has been tuned with a two-way frequency crossover, where the dynamic driver produces a powerful lower-end response while also delivering a crisp midrange response. The BCD driver delivers an enhanced high-frequency band, resulting in a well-balanced sound signature.The BQEYZ Winter In-Ear Monitors feature high-quality CNC machined aluminum alloy ear shells, available in two striking colors: Black and Silver. The rim of the pairs features Metallic Green or Rose Gold finish, giving it an exquisite look.

High-Quality Stock Cable:

The BQEYZ Winter earphone comes with a high-quality stock cable that uses single-crystal copper silver-plated wire cores for enhanced sound clarity. The pair uses standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors, and users can choose between 2.5mm, 3.5mm, or 4.4mm termination when making the purchase. Experience high-quality audio with the BQEYZ Winter In-Ear Monitors.