BQEYZ Spring2 Earphones 1BA+Piezoelectric Ceramic+Dynamic Driver IEMs

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The BQEYZ Spring2 earphone boasts a unique hybrid driver configuration, comprising 1 balanced armature driver, Piezoelectric Ceramic driver, and a dynamic driver, working together to reduce resonance and enhance high-frequency sounds. Experience a stunning level of detail and clarity in your music with this headphone!

Color: Black


Connector: 2.5mm

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BQEYZ Spring 2 HiFi In Ear Monitor
1BA+Piezoelectric Ceramic+Dynamic Driver IEMs

The Enhanced Spring 2: Combining 1BA, Piezoelectric Ceramic, and Dynamic Driver Technology

The Spring 2 in ear monitor builds upon the success of its predecessor, the Spring 1 IEMs, with an improved design featuring 1BA and Single Dynamic Drivers, complemented by 9-Layers Piezoelectric Ceramic technology. This Triple Hybrid Technology optimizes sound quality by reducing resonance and enhancing high-frequency sounds, resulting in an exceptional listening experience across all devices.

Innovative Structure for Superior Sound Quality

With a hybrid driver structure featuring a balanced armature, a 13mm bionic diaphragm dynamic driver, 9 layers of Nano piezoelectric ceramics, and a coaxial dual-cavity patent dynamic ceramic horn, the Spring 2 earphone delivers high resolution sound with three-frequency independent tuning and physical frequency division. The powerful magnet and ultra-thin film produce transparent and bright vocals, while the unique structural design sets it apart from other earphones.

Extensive Accessories for Personalized Comfort

In addition to its internal upgrades, the Spring 2 in ear earphone also boasts a range of external enhancements, including a variety of eartips in different sizes and materials to ensure a comfortable fit for all users. Memory foam eartips provide sound insulation, while other tips are specifically designed for vocals or atmosphere. Whatever your preference, the Spring 2 in ear monitor has everything you need to customize your listening experience.

Detachable 2-Pin Cable for Enhanced Audio Quality

The Spring 2 headphone features a detachable 2-pin cable made of high-quality 4 single crystal copper for enhanced transparency and detail in vocals. The 224-core cable ensures excellent signal transmission, while the midnight black and olive green color scheme adds a touch of luxury and elegance to this classic earphone design.

Improved Ergonomics for Comfortable, Secure Fit

Designed to be even more ergonomic than its predecessor, the Spring 2 IEMs fits snugly in the ear for a comfortable and secure fit. With its improved design and advanced technology, the Spring 2 earphone provides an unparalleled listening experience for all types of audio.