BQEYZ Autumn In-Ear Earphone 13mm dynamic driver Dual Cavity HiFi IEMs

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BQEYZ AUTUMN in-ear earphone features a 13mm dynamic driver and dual cavity design for an unparalleled listening experience. With replaceable magnetic tuning and filter options, you can easily switch between BASS, NORMAL, and TREBLE modes to suit your preference. The earphone comes with a 0.78mm 2Pin detachable cable.

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BQEYZ Autumn In-Ear Earphone 13mm dynamic driver Dual Cavity HiFi IEMs

BQEYZ Autumn 13mm Dynamic Driver Dual Cavity HiFi Earphone IEMs

Introducing the BQEYZ Autumn 13mm Dynamic Driver Dual Cavity Earphone - an exceptional in ear monitor packed with incredible features that are designed to enhance your listening experience. Here's a breakdown of what makes this earphone stand out from the rest:


Replaceable Magnetic Tuning:

The BQEYZ Autumn in-ear earphone is equipped with a unique and innovative feature - replaceable tuners that come with three different filters, each representing a different mode. The Gray/Gold/Silver colors represent BASS/NORMAL/TREBLE modes respectively. You can easily switch between the modes to suit your music style and preference without any hassle. Moreover, the magnetic force of the tuner enhances the dynamic driver's performance by providing double magnetic force, resulting in an improved transverse soundstage of the earphone.

Dual Cavities & 13mm Dynamic Driver:

The BQEYZ Autumn IEM is crafted with a 13mm dynamic driver accompanied by dual cavities. This design structure allows for effective control of air pressure, which increases the amplitude of the diaphragm and improves the longitudinal soundstage by over 50%.

3 Sound Modes:

One of the most outstanding features of the BQEYZ Autumn earphone is the ability to switch between BASS/NORMAL/TREBLE modes. In bass mode, the earphone produces a warm and rich sound that's suitable for genres like electronic music, dance, DJ, symphony, lyrical oldies songs, and drums. In normal mode, the sound is neutral, warmer, and balanced, which makes it perfect for POP, ACG, and most other genres of music. In treble mode, the vocals sound crisp and cold, which is perfect for songs with cool elements.

High-Quality Detachable Cable:

The BQEYZ Autumn in ear monitor comes with a mixed cable made of 4 high-quality copper and 4 silver-plated copper. This cable improves the bass elasticity and sound cohesion and works with most music styles to restore the sound with minimal distortion and fast response. The detachable 0.78mm 2-pin connector is easy to plug in and out, making it easy to upgrade the cable in the future to further elevate the sound quality.

Precise 5-Axis CNC Shell:

The BQEYZ Autumn earphone boasts a 5-axis CNC metal shell, giving it a unique and textured surface that looks neat and elegant. The two cupped spots on the faceplate are a distinctive feature that showcases the aesthetics of the BQEYZ brand team.


Experience superior sound quality with the BQEYZ Autumn 13mm Dynamic Driver Dual Cavity In Ear Earphone - a masterpiece of craftsmanship and innovation that's designed to elevate your listening experience.