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Overview of Six New HiBy Products: Everything We Expect to See in January 2023

HiBy is working on multiple new products set to launch in 2023. On December 22, HiBy Music held a new product launch event and released six new products, which include music player, DAC&, IEMs. Let's see what HiBy products are expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2023.


Hiby announced their major product ZETA in-ear monitor.

Presenting the ZETA from HiBy Music.

ZETA features dynamic Electrostatic BA Hybrid 9 Drivers: 10mm silicone surrounds & KEVLAR dynamic driver, Knowles BA drivers and Sonion drivers; 5 way crossover design; Internal space overtone enhancement structure design, adopting the airflow guiding structure to enhance drive efficiency as well as improve high-frequency performance; Titanium alloy & CNC well-polished chassis and the Litz balanced monocrystalline copper cable & 0.78mm dual-pin. 

Hiby ZETA will be available in January 2023.

Dynamic Electrostatic BA Hybrid IEM

Litz Balanced Monocrystalline Copper Cable

Frequency response



HiBy introduced their newest music player HiBy R6 III at the Launching Event --- the third generation of the classic R6 player. 

HiBy R6 III features dual ES9038Q2M high-performance DAC chip, integrating voltage output mode and class A headphone amplifier. HiBy R6 III also has a long battery life and is easy to drive. Its class A amplifier output is driven by 2 OPA1652 op amps + 16 artificially matched transistors, featuring no over-zero distortion, fast response and exceptional sound quality thanks to 4 ELNA audio capacitors.

HiBy R6 III has a 4500mAh battery that provides nice battery life and supports PD2.0 Quick Charge. Its main software architect is based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 665, 4+64G configuration, Android 12 OS, global bypass SRC and equipped with 5" 720P screen.

The HiBy R6 III will be available in January 2023.

Dual ES9038Q2M high-performance DAC chip

Supporting MQA 16X

4+64 GB Storage

Class A headphone amplifier

HiBy RS6 Grey Edition

HiBy announced a new Sky Cloud Grey Edition colorway for the classic player RS6. The RS series not only got a new color scheme but also come with the upgraded architecture DARWIN. 

Excellent Build Quality

Updated Architecture DARWIN

HiBy R2 II

The first generation HiBy R2 audio player has been praised and recommended by many audiophiles since its launch for its compact and light body and its decent sound quality.

The newly released HiBy R2 GEN.2 portable audio player is equipped with ES9219C DAC chip, supporting up to PCM 384kHz/32bit, DSD256 and MQA 8X. HiBy R2 II comes with Pureaudio HiByOS, HiBy MSEB, HiByLink, audio recorder and other functionalities. And with an upgraded battery life of up to 15 hours.

HiBy R2 II was available for sale on December 29, 2022.

HiBy CR06

Introducing HiBy CR06 portable player dock
Supporting Coaxial and Optical Digital output via Type-C output. 
Supporting 3.5mm line output and 4.4mm balanced line output --- RCA or XLR output. 
Equipped with USB 3.0 interface, supporting USB DAC OUT/USB OTG storage expansion.

HiBy FC6

Meet the HiBy FC6, the latest HiBy amplifier equipped with DARWIN architecture. 

The HiBy FC6 comes with 96 high-precision resistors that form an R2R network. FC6 features the same NOS/OS mode switching function as the RS series players, supporting up to 16x oversampling. HiBy FC6 is powered by dual OPA1622 independent amplifier and is equipped with 45.158MHz as well as 49.152MHz low noise density audio crystal, which effectively reduce jitter.

The FC6 will be available in January 2023.

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